Support in raising funds

Are you looking to raise funds? Take advantage of our tailor-made support to help you put together your financing package.

Estimeo Advisory is a solution tailored to the needs of early-stage start-ups, to make their financing simpler, more accessible and faster.

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Benefit from comprehensive or personalised support

Financial strategy

  • Defining the financing strategy
  • Tailor-made support
  • Analysis of the company’s potential, risk and fair market value
  • Putting in place a coherent and orchestrable financing strategy

Documents review

  • Optimisation of the main documents making up the fund-raising file, which will be shared with investors
  • Refining the valuation, in particular by validating the feasibility of the associated business plan, business model and forecasts.

Pitch Training

  • Review or creation of the pitch deck
  • Support for pitching
  • Preparing for investor questions
  • Feedback and a white paper to help you prepare for your pitch

Investors identification

  • Access to a network of early-stage investors and privileged relationships to identify the right investors
  • Service focused on identifying investors suited to your needs and your project

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Discover the packages

Pitch Deck review + Business Plan review

Preparation Interviews + Investors identification

Pitch Deck creation + Business Plan creation

Pitch and BP review + Interview preparation + Investors identification

Pitch Deck and BP creation + Interview preparation + Investors identification

Personalised support

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