Companies transfers and acquisitions

Would you like to sell your company, an asset or a business?

Are you planning to take over a company?

Linkera facilitates access to business transfers through its platform, which includes advertising, matchmaking and data room management.

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Transferring your business made easier and faster

Linkera is an innovative platform designed to connect business and asset owners directly with potential buyers.

Its aim is to facilitate the business transaction process, making every step transparent and accessible in real time.

It is committed to creating a secure and user-friendly environment where transactions are not only facilitated, but where every business opportunity can be realised efficiently.

A platform for sellers and buyers


Linkera offers sellers a comprehensive service to facilitate the sale of companies, assets or businesses.

The company offers a suite of tools to support owners at every stage of the sale.

These services include valuing the business, choosing the sale method, finding buyers, and assisting with negotiations and finalising the sale.


Linkera supports buyers at every stage of the acquisition process, from initial preparation to post-acquisition transition.

The process is designed to maximise the chances of success.

Services include help with preparing and finding targets, negotiations, due diligence, valuation, auditing, financing and business planning.

Why choose Linkera?

Direct connection

Put yourself in direct contact with serious buyers, without intermediaries.

Total transparency

Follow the progress of your operation in real time, with complete visibility of every stage in the process.

Security and trust

Enjoy a secure environment for all your transactions, backed up by state-of-the-art security protocols.

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