Valuation adapted to VSEs/SMEs

Are you thinking of buying or selling a company?
Do you want to sell shares or make an investment?
Are you looking for financing?
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We use a combination of methodologies and financial comparables to provide you with an accurate valuation of your business.

Valorisation tpe/pme

A 5-stage recovery process

Use the platform to assess the fair value of your company on the market, so that you can prepare and orchestrate your capital transactions.

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Accelerated valuation

459€ HT

Delivery within 48 hours


Certified valuation

859€ HT

Delivery within 7 working days


Valuation reports adapted to VSEs and SMEs

The valuation of a company is based primarily on its established financial history. This valuation focuses on current and past financial performance, while requiring the consideration of multiple extra-financial factors for optimum precision.

Recognised by financial institutions

Reliable and accurate valuation

Up to 7 methods applied

Extra-financial analysis and weighting

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